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American PG Diploma in HR Management In India with NABET & IACET Accreditation

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Human Resource Management is a growing field that opens doors to many occupations for the young professionals who are dreaming about taking it on. Here at Ibis Academy we have a specially tailored Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, that covers the full range of topics like recruitment, compensation and performance appraisal etc. It is a unique comprehensive program, ready to answer the ever increasing needs the industry is facing. It is accredited with IACET international accreditation that certifies a highest level of training quality.

The course equates to 400 hours spread over 12 months and you can choose to do it in online , offline or hybrid methods. Ibis Academy will be there for every student growth and will make sure enough is done to accomplish a career path that is a great fit for them. Placement cell is the centralised branch of our institute that caters for pre- and post-placement services.

HR Courses In Kochi

In Our HR Courses in Kochi, students receive the best mixture of the theory and application of practice. Consequently, they not only are to enter the work but to transform it. Below all the concepts of HR management lays the key principles such as talent acquisition and job performance which can be regarded as the base for organizational success.

Furthermore, the classes we hold also focuses on laws and ethics that are geared towards employees in the work place. Learners venture into labor laws and ethical business behaviour, and they gain insight how significant role of HR is in maintaining these standards. Participants are enlightened on the major elements of the role, such as through case studies, lectures and interactive sessions, in an attempt to expand the scope of the HR function in an organization.

Undertaking the HR courses at Ibis Academy in Kochi is to set of a change for the better in learning at Kerala, a place that is a known for the quality of educational institutions.

Careers in HR Management

HR Assistant: Helps with the admin processes inside the HR unit.

Recruitment Coordinator: Controls the process of recruitment starting from attracting applicants to appointing a new hire.

Training and Development Coordinator: Establishes the Employee Training programs.

HR Specialist: It reflects a particular area, for example, labor relations or wage.

HR Manager: Manages the corporate HR department, aiming at compliance with labor legislation.

Talent Acquisition Specialist: Plans on how to find and keep the best workers. Hence, after analyzing the gendered nature of the media we can say that it is not only the messages but also the manner that we all are affected by which, consequently, shape our perspective on reality and ourselves.

Employee Relations Manager: Manages employee complaints and ensures a hospitable workplace. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, privacy is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity. With the constant presence of technology in our lives, our personal information is more at risk than ever before. This has resulted in strict laws, regulations, and guidelines to protect the privacy rights of individuals and organizations. In this article, we will explore the details of data

Benefits Coordinator/Manager: Addresses the employee benefits issue such as medical insurance and retirement plans.

HR Generalist: Upholds the different HR functions from recruitment to managing employee benefits effectively.

Payroll Specialist: This secures the availability of a steady stream of salary payment for the permanent employees.

HR Consultant: Assist in expert consultation and coaching in all HR aspect.

HR Management Course Detailed Syllabus

The HR Management course includes the following modules:

⭕ Module 1
🌐 Organizational Behaviour

⭕ Module 2
🌐 Recruitment and Selection

⭕ Module 3
🌐 Training and Development

⭕ Module 4
🌐 Compensation Management

⭕ Module 5
🌐 Labour Legislations

⭕ Module 6
🌐 Performance Management

⭕ Module 7
🌐 Corporate communication & Business Etiquette

Why Choose IBIS For HR Courses In Kochi

IBIS Academy is considered as a meticulous leader among the organizations that provide HR trainings in Kochi with regard to the specialized capabilities unique from the rest. Here are the compelling reasons to choose us for your HR educational pursuits in Kerala.

Industry-Expert Educators: Course facilitators are made up of experienced individuals who, aside from the theoretical aspect, also apply the practical situation in the field of human resource management. This blending of the practicals with their learning deepens the process of learning, providing the students with the required link between the principles and processes of HR.

Customized Curriculum: At IBIS Academy, in Kochi, we have designed our HR courses fundamentally to guide the HR field through its fast-moving trends. We provide the recruitment and selection as the service, as well as putting performance evaluations into a uniform system, so that the learner can get a comprehensive and diverse learning experience.

Robust Placement Support: Our academy, decided to focus on the truncated programme of the academy which thus became an essential advantage for our graduates. Completing the training and qualification sessions for HR at our academy will become a stepping stone not only to entering the job market but to building a successful HR career through the industries we have strong ties with.

Having all these features together, IBIS Academy is the ultimate shaping-space in case of HR courses in Kochi, where you are not only poured with the foundational knowledge, but you are also taught valuable skills, which you need to thrive in the HR sector.

Key Benefits

Personalised Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review
Only 10 hours weekly commitment
Live Mentorship by Industry Leaders
Mock interviews by Experts
Faculty With Industry Experience


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