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HR Management Course

Human Resource Management is attracting so many amazing opportunities for young professionals to start their career. Ibis Academy offers a unique opportunity to undertake human resource management studies that includes recruiting, compensation management, performance appraisal, cross cultural management, etc. A comprehensive course to address the growing industry needs with international accreditation offered by IACET, which places Ibis courses in a premium league that is unchallenged by any other training provider in India.

This Post Graduate Diploma Program (400 Hours / 12 Months) allows learners to pursue the courses in online, offline mode or in hybrid model. Ibis provides strong assistance for the progress of each and every learner so that they can land in a career path that best fits them. Our Placement cell offers continuous support at every stage in this journey.

HR Courses In Kerala

The HR courses in Kerala that we provide are a combination of theory and practical application to make sure that in addition to being ready to work in the field, our students are prepared to not only change but transform it as well.What is central to our curriculum are the core principles of HR management, such as talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance management, and strategy. These pillars are the building blocks of an HR profession and the HR courses in Kerala aim at developing the competencies required to face the modern workplace challenges, create a productive work environment and contribute towards organizational success.

Additionally, the HR courses in Kerala accentuate the necessity of knowing the laws and ethical principles governing the workplace in particular. Pupils will learn about the labor laws, ethical business practices and the paramount role of HR in promoting these principles. Through a mix of lectures, case studies and interactive sessions, participants will develop a wide perspective on the HR function and on how this interplays with employees and organizations.

When you take the Human Resource Management course, you are not only on a learning journey but becoming a prominent figure in the field of HR. It is with a state like Kerala, which is known for its education, where this transition begins.

HR Management Jobs – Careers one can Land into

HR Assistant: A job that may be at an entry level position and is concerned with mostly the administrative tasks rather than the employees records, hiring process and supporting the tasks that are related to the HR department.

Recruitment Coordinator: Intended to concentrate on hiring process that is designed to attract applicants, organize interviews, run background checks on candidates, and make sure that all the necessary procedures are carried out upon welcoming new employees.

Training and Development Coordinator: With the duty to develop relevant training materials including manuals, guidebooks, and reference materials accompanied by a commitment to implementing professional development sessions, employee training programs, and refresher workshops.

HR Specialist: Specific HR area like labor relations, employment law, insurance coverage, salaries or statistical data processing.

HR Manager: Director of the HR department: devises detailed policies, make sure everything is okay by labor legislation, and deals with employee relations.

Talent Acquisition Specialist: For the recruiting funnel, the strategy of human resources lies in finding and attracting high-qualified individuals who fit the company.

Employee Relations Manager: Will process employee grievances and disputes, work to resolve the conflicts and maintain a healthy work environment. Main support – contracts; ensure branding is consistent and complies with ethical standards. – Marketing the brand via strategic marketing campaigns to gain more customers. – Service the market through capacity building., provision of training and participation in annual training programs to maintain the edge.

Benefits Coordinator/Manager: Responsible for running employee benefit programs, which comprises health insurance, retirement programs and so on.

HR Generalist: A position which involves a lot of HR functions, such as recruitment and selection, providing training the staff and benefits administration among others.

HR Business Partner: Coordinates closely with corporate management by ensuring that the stewardship agenda of the HR department is aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization and may entail policy formulation and planning.

Payroll Specialist: Takes care of the organization’s payroll duty, checking that staff members receive their salaries in a proper and timely manner.

HR Consultant: Serves as a specialist with an authority in different fields of HRM and frequently coaches or mentors organizations, whether it is an independent professional or a working with a consultant organisation.

HR Management Course Details

The syllabus of Our HR Management Course is given below.

Duration : 400 Hours / 12 Months (Approximately)

The HR Management course curriculum covers the following topics:

📌 Module 1
Organizational Behaviour

📌 Module 2
Recruitment and Selection

📌 Module 3
Training and Development

📌 Module 4
Compensation Management

📌 Module 5
Labour Legislations

📌 Module 6
Performance Management

📍 Industrial visit

📍 Thesis

Why Choose IBIS For HR Courses In Kerala ?

When looking through the prism of choice for the best HR courses in Kerala, our academy stands in an exalted position, with HR specialty programs as its flagship. Below are the key reasons why you should embark on your HR educational journey with us:Below are the key reasons why you should embark on your HR educational journey with us:

Expert-Led Training: Courses at our academy which is located in Kerala are instructed by professionals who are experts in their field and have years of working experience in the industry They don’t only serve to remind us of the theory but also helps in get the experiences of the field that is so important in HR.

Tailored Curriculum: We guarantee that the curriculum developed for the HR courses in Keralawill incorporate comprehensive yet elastic views to fit different aspects and advances in the field, covering the most basic and vital HR topics and practices, including those on, for example, recruitment and selection processes and appraisals.

Placement Support: Placement support offered by our academy is considered its most important factor. One of the biggest benefits that you enjoy after completing the HR courses with us is help getting good careers by using our extensive network that has lots of connections with the industry.

Key Benefits

Personalised Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review
Only 10 hours weekly commitment
Live Mentorship by Industry Leaders
Mock interviews by Experts
Faculty With Industry Experience


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