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Only American PG Diploma in Global Business Administration In India with IACET Accreditation

12 months / 400 hours
Only 3 hours weekly commitment
Flexible Timings
Assured Career Growth with Placement Support
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PG Diploma in Global Business Administration

PG Diploma in Global Business Administration offered by Ibis Academy is a hybrid program that allows learners to pursue their course online or offline. PGDM course in Kerala covers a topics that are carefully chosen by industry experts to ensure professional competence to learners. Four highly integrated modules consisting of Strategic Supply Chain & Operations Management, Strategic Finance & Corporate Accounting, HR & Strategic Human Capital Management and Sales & Contemporary Marketing are presented over a year. This 400 hours of Blended course delivery, well structured as 10 Hours per week with 3 Hours of Virtual Face to face learning and 7 Hours of Guided learning (Recorded sessions & Assignments), prepares learners with wide ranges of skills that are imperative for new age Managers.

PGDM Course In Kerala

Our PGDM course in Kerala is crafted to fit the growing needs of the industry, providing practical knowledge along with the opportunity. Via a curriculum that carries innovation, strategic thinking and ethical leadership, students acquire the competency needed to navigate complicated business scenes. Our faculty, which surrounded by experienced academics and industry experts, prepares our graduates not only to respond to current problems, but also to be ready for the future.

Being one of the fastest growing economies in India, it is obvious that the focal point of this advanced management program will be laid on the industries in the state. The state’s dedication to education and technology outlines this state as a perfect place for daring students who try to excel in business. Earning a certification in PGDM in Kerala means meeting a group of experts, working with top companies for internship stages, and experiencing a colorful culture that will open your mind.

From the diploma they get in our Kerala campus, candidates have more than that. They have a unique advantage that makes them stand out in their chosen career paths.To summarize, the PGDM course in Kerala is not only an academic course; it is a journey toward becoming a revolutionary leader. A mix of holistic development, practical learning, and global competencies is what we’ll pursue. May the journey towards a bright future in the dynamic management field begin with the next step on your path! Join us to transform Kerala into a career launchpad.

Key Benefits

Personalised Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review
Only 10 hours weekly commitment
Live Mentorship by Industry Leaders
Mock interviews by Experts
Faculty With Industry Experience


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