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Logistics And Supply Chain Management Courses

In today’s global trade and e-commerce market where the dynamics are ever-changing, the art of logistics and supply chain management has become a critical skill for aspiring professionals who wants to excel in their chosen field. Fulfilling this mission, our Academy is proud to provide dedicated logistics and supply chain management courses that are responsive to the transforming requirements of the sector. These Logistics courses are based on a thorough design that enable participants to attain an in-depth knowledge about the working of logistics and supply chain management from theory to real world application.

Our logistics and supply chain management courses have been designed to impart knowledge on the complete supply chain environment, including procurement, production, distribution and customer satisfaction. We aim at imparting the students with both strategic and operational skills for boosting efficiency, reducing costs and improving customer service which are constituents of a successful business. Through taking our logistics and supply chain management courses in kerala,students not only explore existing best practices but also develop the adaptability to navigate future changes and challenges in the logistics sector.

Additionally, our curriculum is supplemented with case studies, industry projects, and simulations in which students can apply their learnings in real workplace environments, ready for them to transition to work. One of the goals is to use these logistics and supply chain management courses to raise the next generation of leaders who are ready to change the marketplace of a global economy. In term of sustainability, technology and strategic management, our courses are the perfect place to attain the top level of logistics and supply chain management, that would provide a huge asset for any organization.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses Details

Mainly our logistics courses are designed with two different durations .Their syllabus is given below.

1)6 months Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses

   -Introduction to Logistics & SCM

   -Role of IT in SCM

   Demand Forecasting & Customer Service in Logistics

   -Warehouse & Inventory Management

   -Transportation & Distribution Management

   -Retail Management in SCM

2) 12 months Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses

     -Introduction to Logistics & SCM

-Role of IT in SCM

     -Demand Forecasting & Customer Service in Logistics

     -Warehouse & Inventory Management

     -Transportation & Distribution Management

     -Retail Management in SCM

     – Accounting for SCM & Strategy Planning

     – Shipping Logistics & EXIM Policy

     – Strategic Management

     – Organizational Behavior

Logistics Jobs One can get Into after finishing the Course

The various logistics jobs one can land into after completing a logistics and supply chain management courses are

Logistics Manager:
Lead and control the all logistics process, consisting of the transportation, warehouse, and distribution operations at the same time.

Supply Chain Analyst:
Conduct an analysis of the data to optimize the supply chain, reduce inventory levels, and any other logistics necessary to improve their performance.

-E-commerce Logistics Manager:

Provide solutions that help companies manage their e-commerce transportation and distribution on a specific level, which are very different from those in the traditional retail industry.

-Warehouse Manager:
Overseer of warehouse operations which include inventory control, packaging, and fulfillment of orders, and keeping the storage systems efficiently running.

Transportation Manager:
Coordinate and make a network involving transportation, guaranteeing that transport of goods will be prompt and costs will be as low as possible.

-Distribution Center Manager:
Supervise distribution center management operations, which include sorting, packing, and shipping out of the products.

-Logistics Coordinator:
Enable communication and coordination amongst all actors that involve in the supply chain process so that everything will flow on as it supposed to be.

Inventory Manager:
Regulate stock levels, further automate stocking process and reduce excess stock.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Salary

In India, the logistics and supply chain management salary depicts how the industry is seen as the backbone of the economy as it is the one which manages the movements of goods across the country. For the lower-level jobs like Logistics Coordinators/assistants or Supply Chain Analysts/assistants, the pay lies between INR 3 to 5 lakh annually. As the employees with experience move up the ladder and take on the roles of Logistics Managers / Supply Chain Directors, these positions command big salaries, which are often more than INR 8 lakhs, if you factor in the industry types and company sizes as well.

In India, which is still witnessing pretty quick growth in industries like manufacturing, e-commerce, and retail, demand for highly experienced logistics and supply chain specialists is on the rise which results in higher wage trends.In the overses countries like USA, the starting positions, such as Logistics Coordinators and Supply Chain Analysts, may earn around 50,000 to 70,000 U.S Dollars

Why Choose IBIS for Logistics Courses In Kerala

-The only American PG diploma program in India having accreditations from NABET and IACET.

Practical Oriented Training
The course curriculum we provide is based on the philosophy of practical skills and practical applications. This guarantees that graduates are not only knowledgeable, but rather they can put the acquired knowledge into practice working environments.

-Experienced Faculty
We are the team that consists of experienced academicians and professionals, all who have a great deal of competence and experience they impart into the learning process. Our staff who come from diverse backgrounds in the field of logistics and supply chain management are capable of offering useful inputs thus guiding and directing our student towards the right path.

Placement Assistance
It is our duty to see to it that our students get used to studies in classrooms and outside the campus. Our academy guarantees overcoming placement issue through provision of job counseling, resume creation, and interview preparing. 

Online and Offline Availability of Training
One of the advantages of the mode of study that we provide is that students get the opportunity to choose between offline and online learning. The academy offers a traditional classroom environment in addition to the convenience of online learning. Furthermore, the quality of the education and the ease of access available are geared towards the different needs of the learner.

Our Branches Covers Most Parts Of Kerala We have 6 branches in Kerala which are Ernakulam,Thrissur,Calicut,Trivandrum,Kottayam,Malappuram and also a branch in Bangalore .So People opting to study Logistics Courses are welcomed in any of your nearby Branches in Kerala

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Key Benefits

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