Diploma in banking and finance course in kerala

American PG Diploma in Banking and Financial Services In India with IACET Accreditation

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Assured Career Growth with Placement Support
Complimentary Bank Coaching Provided
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Banking And Financial Services

Banking industry across the world is growing and hence in constant demand for fresh professionals with good awareness about the industry. With 6 months of focused effort covering all segments of the banking industry, this course covers not only the principles of banking but also provides great insight into the most modern aspects of Banking IT, Core Banking Solutions, and Cyber Security. This course is aligned to JAIIB syllabus and adequate support will be provided to learners who intend to appear for JAIIB examination. Ibis provides strong assistance for the progress of each and every learner so that they can land in a career path that best fits them.

Diploma In Banking and Finance Course In Kerala

Explore prosperous career path through diploma in banking and finance course at our institution which is located in Kerala. The course has been designed to suit banking sector players who wish to develop a niche for themselves. This course gives a detailed insight into financial services provision while merging theory with practical skills. Ranging from the lively state of Kerala, our program seeks to bring the gap between the classroom and the rigorous expectations of the financial world.

The Diploma course in Banking and Finance in Kerala in IBIS Academy provides a holistic learning experience, covering the fundamentals of banking, finance and risk management with the requisite tools and technical methods for career progression in this field. We have a curriculum which has been designed to an international standard. Hence, our graduates are job-ready as well as suitable for leadership positions within financial services industry.Our Course is been accredited by IACET . You can find Ibis Educational Services on the accredited providers list on IACET website

By tying in with Kerala’s emerging status as a node for education and finance, our diploma in banking and finance course in Kerala gives students a chance to connect with leaders in the field, do internships, and even witness live financial transactions. This integrated methodology will enable our graduates to cultivate an elite skill set, making them highly qualified to be top performers in the banking and finance industry. Come and join us to reveal your capability, and take a step towards a career in financial services with us.

Banking Employment Scenario and Trend in Kerala.

In Kerala it is a well known and common phenomenon for graduates to continue in the bank coaching for 2-3 years after their graduation in order to obtain a job in the banking sector. Nonetheless, even after devoting such a large amount of time and efforts, only about 30% of such graduates manage to get a bank job. The long time of waiting for any results and high rate of failure can be frustrating and ineffective.

Our Solution: A PG Diploma in Banking and Financial Services.

These challenges have led us to develop our academy PG Diploma course in Banking and Financial Service – A program which lasts for six months to deliver students into the banking job market in a more productive and efficient manner. It includes specializations in careers such as Insurance, Mutual Funds, Capital Markets, and Investment Banking, which can be seen to give careers in the financial sector.

Benefits of Our Course

Quick Employment : We believe that the course is well-tailored to put students in a position to immediately enter the private banking workforce. One example of the benefits of taking our course is that graduates of the course find employment quicker with the new specialized skills obtained.

Efficient Use of Time: The difference between the traditional bank coaching route and the 6 month bank coaching course is that the traditional bank coaching route can take many years without guarantee of sure outcome ahead of entry. It is a very short but intensive way of teaching and learning in which students acquire a lot of knowledge and skills.

Comprehensive Understanding of Bank Operations: As for the strengths of our course, it is possible to mention an understanding of bank’s operations acquired by the students. Thus, this practical knowledge is not covered in syndicate banks’ coaching which are aimed at coaching students for past examination rather than teaching them the real skills which they will use in practice.

Competitive Exam Coaching: Besides coursework, candidates also are trained for competitive bank exams. This dual strategy not only improves the students’ prospects of getting a job in private bank sector but also increases the prospects of preparing for public sector banking exams and thus enhances the employ ability of the students.

Banking and Finance Course Syllabus

Module 1 – Banking

Module 2 -Insurance

Module 3-Mutual Fund

Module 4-Capital Markets

Module 5-Financial Planning and Investment Banking.

Key Benefits

Personalised Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review
Only 10 hours weekly commitment
Live Mentorship by Industry Leaders
Mock interviews by Experts
Faculty With Industry Experience


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