Corporate Accounting

Corporate Accounting

Course Overview

Accounting jobs are endless in todays world and we can see innumerable certifications coming up to work as an accountant. However, it is hard to find a course with the value of a degree programme coupled with a mission to impart practical knowledge in the field of accounting. Post graduate diploma in accounting offered by ibis academy is an iconic certification programme in the field of accounting that empowers any accounting aspirant to grab a golden job opportunity in the world of accountancy. Our syllabus is developed by renowned chartered accountancy firms with a focus on highly practical approach covering all important topics like book keeping, accounting (includes GST filing, balance sheet preparation, basics of financial reporting) and a compulsory internship under a chartered accountancy firm for a period of 3 months. The course spans through one year with 9 months on campus training and 3 months internship.

It is a fact that out of a bigger chunk of CA aspirants, only a small percentage fall lucky enough to secure the membership of ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). We, ibis academy provides an opportunity to all accounting aspirants to prove their skills in accounting and secure an internationally valid certificate along with a prestigious job offer in the field of accounting. Our internationally valid certificate in the post graduate diploma programme in accounting is a badge of honour for any diploma holder of ibis academy. Our accounting programme is also coupled with compulsory and free personality development sessions that grooms an individual to face and interview with confidence and stand apart from their competitors. Accounting is of course a vast area and choosing the topics of our interest and selecting the course accordingly is of utmost importance. Accounting course offered by ibis academy will enable a student to perform the role of a professional accountant up on the completion of their intense practical training under a chartered accountant. This kind of an internship programme under a practising chartered accountant is a unique one of its kind and seen only during the article ship of chartered accountancy course. Thus our accountancy course stands top and is rewarded as the most recommended course in the post graduate diploma programme in accounting in Kerala.

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