Civil​ ​Courses

Civil​ ​Courses

QA/QC (Concrete NDT)

The stipulated quality standards in the field of construction demands a thorough knowledge on all parameters related to civil engineering. The course offers a Level 2 certificate duly signed by a Level 3 professional.

QS and Cost Estimation

At present, innumerable softwares are available to perform the costing of a project and it was presumed that man-hours involved in estimation works can be reduced substantially. This has proved to be illogical and the very same reason has made us create our own way of conducting accurate costing techniques. Ibis maintains its own third-party agency to perform estimation works in construction sector and it has positively contributed to the placements of our students in the same field.

Civil Designing Courses

The civil designing courses includes AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, Rivet Architecture. These softwares form the backbone of civil designing. An in-depth knowledge is a prerequisite as far as a civil engineer is concerned.

Best Civil Engineering Courses in Kerala

ibis Academy is the best among the civil engineering courses in Kerala. ibis, a provider of the civil courses in Thrissur, provides the right training to their students to enhance their career.

Eligibility Criteria

The course is targeted for the eligible civil engineering candidates, however, we keep the eligibility criteria as higher secondary education for civil engineering diploma courses.

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