Civil​ ​Courses

Civil​ ​Courses

QA/QC (Concrete NDT)

The stipulated quality standards in the field of construction demands a thorough knowledge on all parameters related to civil engineering. The course offers a Level 2 certificate duly signed by a Level 3 professional.

QS and Cost Estimation

Quantity surveying and cost estimation is an inevitable and integral part of any construction work. Let it be a commercial space or domestic one, any type of construction demands the quantity of materials surveyed and estimate the cost of project. Our quantity surveying and cost estimation programme syllabus is designed by a team of highly skilled and experienced quantity surveyors who have rich knowledge in the field. This ensures that any student who enrol for the quantity surveying course at ibis will be groomed to shoulder the responsibilities of a quantity surveyor up on successful completion of the programme. It is estimated that there is acute shortage of quantity surveyors in European and middle east countries as per the data published by ministry of human resource of the respective countries.

We at ibis academy is on a mission to provide certified quantity surveyors there by bridge the shortage of this skilled employment sector. Though there are many software supports available in the market for performing the quantity surveying works, the most sought and accepted method is the manual process itself due to the high accuracy level of manual process. This is the very same reason ibis follows the manual system(Microsoft Excel) for quantity surveying and estimating the cost. Hence the deserving students who have completed the course from ibis are absorbed by top civil companies across the nation. Quantity surveying and cost estimation basically calculate the material and time requirement precisely based on the requirements of the project. A quantity surveyor helps to understand the feasibility of a project, guides and helps the construction work to remain with in the budget during the entire span of the project and thereby performs a very crucial role in any construction firm. Ibis academy’s quantity surveying and cost estimation programme spans for around 3 months time frame which is essential for a candidate to get a grip on the working methodology by manual means. The internationally valid certificate of our quantity surveying and cost estimation course really helps students to gain a better edge over their peers during a job interview. It is the very same reason the certificate programme in quantity surveying and cost estimation offered by ibis academy is the most sought and recommended course by multinational giants in construction sector.

Civil Designing Courses

The civil designing courses includes AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, Rivet Architecture. These softwares form the backbone of civil designing. An in-depth knowledge is a prerequisite as far as a civil engineer is concerned.

Best Civil Engineering Courses in Kerala

ibis Academy is the best among the civil engineering courses in Kerala. ibis, a provider of the civil courses in Thrissur, provides the right training to their students to enhance their career.

Eligibility Criteria

The course is targeted for the eligible civil engineering candidates, however, we keep the eligibility criteria as higher secondary education for civil engineering diploma courses.

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