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Aviation and Airport Management Course

Aviation & Airport Management is one of the ever growing sectors. In order to get an attractive job in this field, students should possess valid and internationally accepted certificates in various fields of aviation. Any professional who aspires to grow in the aviation sector will be hugely benefited by securing a Post Graduate Diploma Certificate in Airport management from IBIS. Air Traffic Management, HR Management, Passenger Management , Airport Security, Cargo Management, Baggage Management, Customer Service Management, Legal Aspects, Finance Management etc. are some of the key areas learners get trained.

Both Diploma Program (240 Hours / 6 Months) & Post Graduate Diploma Program (400 Hours / 12 Months) allows learners to pursue the courses in online, offline mode or in hybrid model. The AAM department in Ibis Academy boasts good placement as the students who complete the course from Ibis are true aviation professionals in every aspect as they not only get a valuable certificate but also are being groomed by aviation professionals and prominent soft skill trainers available in our country.

Aviation Courses In Kerala | Airport Management

Launch your career to the next level with our premium Aviation and airport management courses in Kerala, which aim to educate everyone who aspires to follow the speedy aviation career path. The classes are located in the green surroundings of the Kerala, providing you with a unique and practical experience of the global aviation industry.

We developed our aviation and airport management courses in Kerala with the aim of meeting the international aviation standards by incorporating core principles with the latest practices and technologies. We provide both the aviation courses in Kerala and the specialized airport management courses in Kerala which gives a rounded education on all topics that include aviation and airport operations. This holistic method enables our students not only to find employment immediately but also to grow their careers via a variety of positions in the industry.

With its strategic location and emerging aviation industry, the state of Kerala is an ideal setting for our programs. Students enrolled in our airport management courses in Kerala get an idea of daily management through internships and other hands-on experiences. This hands-on experience is very significant since it enables one to develop the skills needed in managing the intricacies of airport and aviation administration.

To say the least, our aviation and airport management courses in Kerala are definitely more than just academic programme rather, they act as the take-off point for anyone who wants to reach the highest level in the aviation industry. Be a part of our journey and let the aviation and airport management sectors be the basis of your leadership.

Aviation Jobs – Careers One Can Land Into

Aviation industry offers an amazing variety of highly dynamic Aviation jobs, each of importance to the operation of airline service and to improve passengers’ travel. Here’s a brief overview of various positions that represent the spectrum of aviation jobs.Here’s a brief overview of various positions that represent the spectrum of aviation jobs:

Airline Ground Operations Jobs: Experts rendering services in this niche also supervise the day-to-day activities in the aircraft on the ground, such as the handling of luggage, refueling, and ramp operations.

Airline Ticketing: Such position requires taking care of the processes and schedule of tickets purchase, changing tickets, and again passengers will be satisfied with the service provided at that crucial moment of their journey.

House Keeping Manager: The staff member assigned to perform facility and aircraft maintenance should be neatness and orderliness of the interior. The task will ensure that there can be a pleasant environment available for both passengers and crew.

Cabin Crew/Air Hostess: Two main onboard crew members are the cabin attendants who make sure that the traveling public is safe and there is a comfortable environment while offering various services and aids during the flight.

Customer Service Agent: Agents operate at the airports and issue check-in codes, boarding instructions, and other information as to the passengers who may require assistance and direction.

Fares & Ticketing: These specialists who in charge of the fare and ticketing management operate on revenue management processes which include formulating price strategies and ticket issuance for aviation carriers.

Flight Attendants: A plane discipline includes flight attendants in the core, which is mainly about providing protection and comfort to the passengers in the cabin: from the beginning of a flight till the end, they carry out safety briefings and then serve meals.

Guest Relation Executive: Such professionals will maintain a high level of passenger service which must be offered to each passenger. In case of issues or problems they should come up with efficient solutions and compensations to positively affect their journey.

Aviation and Airport Management Course – Syllabus

Mainly we provide Aviation and Airport Management course of two durations.Their Syllabus is given below

1.6 Months Diploma in Aviation and Airport Management Course

-Airline and Airport Management

-Inflight Services

-Airline Safety & Security Management

-Airport Cargo Handling & Dangerous Goods Regulations

Ramp operation management and circulars in aviation

Customer Relation Management

PG Diploma

12 Months / 400 Hours


6 Months / 240 Hours

Key Benefits

Personalised Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review
Only 10 hours weekly commitment
Live Mentorship by Industry Leaders
Mock interviews by Experts
Faculty With Industry Experience


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