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Only American Diploma in Civil Design with IACET Accreditation in India

3 months / 240 hours
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Civil Designing

The Civil Designing course includes AutoCAD, 3Ds Max, Revit Architecture. These softwares form the backbone of Civil Designing. An in-depth knowledge is a prerequisite as far as a civil engineer is concerned. The three month short term course (240 hours) in civil designing by ibis is a highly useful course for a candidate aspiring to enter in to the field of civil designing.Our Civil Designing Course is been Accredited By IACET .You can find Ibis Educational Services on the accredited providers list on IACET website

AutoCAD Course In Kerala -The Evergreen Software

Promote your skills in engineering with our awesome AutoCAD course in Kerala where we have a basic civil designing curriculum under it. This all-encompassing course was especially made for aspiring designers and engineers who want to excel in the use of AutoCAD, which is the industry-standard software for the design of three dimensional objects. Taking up our AutoCAD course in Kerala ends in your being an expert as you come up with accurate 2D and 3D models. It is a base for a great professional future in the field of civil engineering and architecture.

On top of our AutoCAD lessons, our curriculum includes 3Ds Max and Revit Architecture, too. Such software applications are a core component in modern civil designing tools providing superior computing capabilities for modeling, rendering, and simulating real world structures and surroundings. With the help of theory-practice sessions and practical projects students become better at using these powerful tools, developing their design, visualization, and project management abilities.

This course will provide a mixture of theoretical strategy and hands-on work, while being led by skilled experts who are armed with in-depth industry experience. Our AutoCAD course in Kerala is intended to be in tune with the latest developments and technologies in the area of planning and designing for civil projects and we make sure our students gain the needed competence to adjust to the fast-changing architectural and engineering environment. 

Through use of 3ds Max and Revit Architecture, our program becomes comprehensive and cultivates graduates able to face all kinds of problems and chances in civil engineer profession. It’s time to take that passion for design that you have and turn it into a promising career, fully equipped with the skills that can change the future of your world.At IBIS Academy we also provide Placement assistance to the well Performing Students.

Key Benefits

Personalised Resume & LinkedIn Profile Review
Only 10 hours weekly commitment
Live Mentorship by Industry Leaders
Mock interviews by Experts
Faculty With Industry Experience


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