PGDM over MBA. Why is PGDM better?

So you are a recent undergraduate student who just graduated from college. You have two options before you. Option one is you can get a job and option two is you can go for higher education, in which case you will have an array of options, you can either choose a masters degree in your field of study or you can study something else. One of the most common graduate courses that students pursue are MBA and PGDM. So what is an MBA? and what is a PGDM? Well MBA stands for master of Business Administration, it is basically a masters degree in Business. PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. It too is a business based course, but it is a diploma course. But PGDM is the overall best. Why?

There are a number of reasons why PGDM is better than doing an MBA, the first being that MBA is more of a theory based course while PGDM is more focused on the practical side. This is important because when you appear for an interview, nobody is not going to ask you how much text book you have soaked up, but they are going to ask you how much you know about the business. Practicality is more important than theory.

So having practical knowledge of the industry will help you ace an interview, conducted by let’s say an investment bank or a large consultancy firm. Also PGDM is less exam focused and more focused in the industry and the skills. Traditional MBA programs are no different than college. Soak up a bunch of text books and just vomit them out on the exam paper. But PGDM is different, PGDM focuses on what you can do practically.

What about the flexibility, the ability to bend the course timings and syllabus according to one’s own convenience? The edge goes to PGDM in this case. Too. PGDM is much more flexible than a traditional MBA program. So if you are someone who is working, a PGDM would be a much better option. So a PGDM diploma program is much better than a traditional MBA degree. Now PGDM may be better than MBA, but that doesn’t mean the institution from which you wish to enroll is not important. If you want to study in one of the best institutions, then click here. They are one of the best institutions in Kerala. If you have more questions on PGDM then click here.

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